Tuesday, November 18, 2008

mY blOg!!

Hola!!! este blog es una actividad sugerida por nuestro profesor Juan Enrique Cabrales Sánchez que tiene como finalidad mejorar nuestro conocimiento en el idioma inglés, para entender que no es exactamente lo mismo expresarse en inglés como lo hacemos en español. No todas las entradas están escritas correctamente, pero a muchos estudiantes nos ha servido la orientación del profesor para no cometer errores comunes a la hora de escribir nuestras ideas en este idioma. Espero sea de su agrado.

Melanie Constantino Franco 5º A Lic. Idioma Inglés

A letter of Complaint

-A waiter spilled coffe all over your expensive jacket.It cost you $15 to have it cleaned

Dear Sir or Madam:

Last weekend my boyfriend and I arrived at your popular cafeteria looking for a very nice time to spend together.The motto in your window reads:"Where your friends are as special as you are.Unfortunately, the service that day didn't reflect those words.

As soon as we arrived there we had the chance to sit at a table and we waited for almost half an hour for a waiter to help us.There were not too many people for this to happen,but I have to point out that the music was good and this helped us to be patient.However,when we were finally serviced the waiter spilled a cup of coffee on my brand new jacket.It costed me $15 to have it cleaned!.

My jacket doesn't look that good anymore.I had never had an experience such like this anywhere.I hope you can understand my complaint because, I want you to refund the money for another brand new jacket.


Melanie Constantino Franco

Silly Questions, brilliant answers

1. Why do you think so many people turned down Bowerman´s idea?
= I think because other people didn´t think taht the logotype was so attractive to others, to put in their company.

2. Why do you think Smith´s professor gave him a C on the project?
= Maybe because he did´t put his ideas very clear, or it was not designed very well, or probably, the professor tought it would never result successful.

3. Which idea has led to the most imitations? = I think the Athletic shoes companies, many of them has imitaded the logo of the most recognized companies of this kind of shoes

4. Do you have any ideas for new products or services? What are they? = Well, actually I don´t have anything in mind. the advances of technology has increased amaizingly in the last few years.

A Letter of complaint

The following letter is an example of a letter of complaint,the teacher asks us to white in order to get new English Phrases to express.

Dear Sir or Madam:

On July 16 my friends and i arrived at your inn hopping to spend an enjoyable weeken.Unfortunately, Because of your pour service, our weekend was a disaster.Since your ad says have a fabolous time or get your money back, I am requesting that you refund our money.

From the moement we arrived, there were problems with the service.First a very unfriendly desk clerk couln't find our reservation.After waiting almost half an hour,we were led by another unfriendly clerk to our room.The room,which had a view of a parking lot instead of the bay, had not yet been vleaned,so we found dirty towels on the beds and cigarette buuts in the ashtrays.Despite these problems,none of your employees apologized to us.This was not the weekend we had been looking forward to.

Service at your in was not always like this. My prerious visits were alwyas enjoyable because of the cpurteaous service and clean rooms with beautiful views.Untli things change at your inn, i will never recommend it to anyone.Iexpect to receive my refund shortly.

Sincerely yours.

Dale Thomas.

Traveling Alone

-You can go anywhere without having
to what for anybody.
-You can spend your time in whatever .
you want.
-Spen more wisely.
-You can eat whenever you want.
-you do not depend on somebody
likes and dislikes.
-You are by yourself
-You dont know exacty where you are
-You can get lost.

Overall conclusion: Its better to travel with someone. So, If you wanna take all the risks by yourself, go ahead.